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hi! we haven't talked in a while, because i'm working on a long fic that over fifty thousand words, and I want to get it done before september first (so i can work on my bigbang, till the 15th, when it's due).

don't worry, i'll post it here when i'm done. soon.

in the meantime, i'm attempting to and failing to organize my tags. i hate the "pairing: none" encompasses a whole bunch of different characters. tags are a mess and i'm neurotic. help!


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Aug. 29th, 2009 06:31 pm (UTC)
have pairing tags and character tags; and if there's no pairing, don't put a pairing tag at all. it's up to you whether to include the character tags in ones with pairings - I would, and I did in my KH journal, because I had so much mix and match. (but i don't have enough trek fic, and i don't have anything gen. |D)
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