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fic: drifters

Hi guys! It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I have the fruits of my labors to share with you all.

The reason I haven't been writing (as I've said) is because I"m working on a particularly long fic. It's finally done and organized, and I wanted to present it to you guys because you've stuck with me (i hope) through this long dry spell. I can't make many promises with what's to come, as school's already started and I've got my bigbang (due the 15th) and NaNoWriMo coming up, so I'm thinking about taking a short writing break between those two to do some editing on the bigbang and play some world of warcraft and maybe, just maybe, do some schoolwork.

Anyway, if you've got time, I've got 60k words of Kirk/Spock AU.

title: drifters
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: kirk/spock
rating: up to hard r for sex. it's not very explicit, though. sort of.
word count: 60k+
notes: prompt here: "Post apocalypse, mirror world. Featuring pirate/bandit/bounty hunter with dubious morals Kirk and serene/beautiful/cruel bottom!Spock who kills with his brain."

(full fic index here.)