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rec: au

I figured since I've been on an AU kick, I'll rec some really good AU's.

Solitary Confinement by chasingthewinds - R - Kirk/Bones.

AU: Kirk & McCoy are patients in an asylum. It sounds cliche, I know. But you want to read it. It's a hard, heavy-hitting piece that will seriously make you stop breathing for a while.

Cityverse by atomicskull - PG - R - Kirk/Bones, Spock/Uhura, Sulu/Chekov.

AU: The Enterprise is a fashion magazine lead by it's editor-in-chief, Jim Kirk, and his ex-crime-photographer-now-lead-photo-editor boyfriend Leonard McCoy. Featuring adorable fashion models Sulu & Chekov. This should be terrible, I know, but it is so fucking funny and good.

Of Sentinels and Anchors by corpus_invictus (over at dreamwidth) - R - Kirk/Spock

AU: Spock is raised by his mother, on Earth. I like this fic because it deals with the premise in an exceptionally dark way, and the flash-backiness of the story combined with the dark text really makes this far more believable than some of the other possibilities.