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Note: my rating might be skewed (but use common sense). Also, most of these are unedited and ubetaed, so don't be surprised if you see rudimentary grammar and spelling errors. these were mostly written for the star trek kink meme, in the summer of 2009.


shatter | 1494 words| his brain isn't working right, because it seems like the ship is tearing in two. | R. Gore.

drifters | 70k+ words | AU Ruthless mercenary Kirk & graceful Spock who kills with his brain. (link goes to chapter index) | Ratings vary by chapter.

you'll melt | 1,840 words | pointless fluff. | PG-13.

stress relief | 6,233 words | alternate title: spock wears lip gloss. | NC-17. Sex.

fair and/not logic | 2,570 words | spock is a good, strong vulcan of eighty years. jim kirk is only human. | PG for angst.

vulcan custom | 3,504 words | Jim Kirk learns a little bit about vulcan anatomy. R. Handporn.

time off | 1,072 words | kirk finds he wants to do nothing all day. | PG. Fluff.

lazy sundays | 1010 words | a lazy day. NC-17. Porn.

as long as you come back to me | 628 words | "I"m only letting you go on this mission because I know you'll come back." PG13. Angst.

last rites | 1,178 words | they know this mission is no-win. PG13. Angst.

the sense of music | 2,070 words | he hears it down the hall, a violin.

white snakes | 952 words | Jim looks thoughtful out on the balcony, cigarette smoke curling around his face. PG13.

ballroom dancing | 1,529 words | The whole celebration is stupid and boring until Jim mixes it up. PG.


joke starts here | 1,332 words | a vulcan, a captain, and a doctor walk into a bar. PG.

flat eyes | 3,129 words | Daybreakers!AU: Bones hates running every day, but he has to. When Jim finds him, he realizes that running is the only right thing to do anymore. PG13.

effortlessness | 1,711 words | Jim and Bones, what they have, they don't need to show it. PG13.

weekly schedule | 1,341 words | Academy!era. Bones and Jim go through the same cycle every week. PG.

star song | 1,769 words | Songfic to Star Song by Bowling for Soup. Academy!era. PG-13.

NY | also featuring kirk/pike | mafia!au - three shorts: one (word count 1291) two (word cound 989) three (word count 1379) (PG-13)


how they got from fighting to fucking in five easy steps | 1,402 words | self explanatory. Hard R-NC - 17


second (in command) | 2,710 words | he runs the ship in nero's fits of rage, and even lets those rages get let out on him. NC-17

punish | 786 words | ayel oversteps his boundaries, and nero knows just how to put him in his place. R.


shitty birthdays | kirk, bones | 768 words | he is seventeen today and all he gets is a happy birthday from a grouchy bartender. PG13.

therapy | kirk, pike | 1291 words | pike has nightmares. kirk knows a little about that. PG.

planning ahead | kirk, spock | 2,434 words | spock doesn't make friends; jim doesn't let friends get away. PG.

visions | kirk, bones | 2,019 words | bones doesn't sleep because he's precognitive, and he can't let his dreams happen. PG13.

a bad night | kirk, spock | 808 words | spock knows when kirk is wallowing in self pity. PG.

down to the bone | bones | 3,031 words | bones is falling apart, held together by needles & drugs R. Drug use.

mindscape | kirk, bones, spock | 4,084 words | when they find him, he's like a lightbulb with a busted filament. R for torture, mindfuck.

if i could | bones, enterprise ensemble cast | 6,432 | “Our best suspicion is that he has attracted some sort of eye parasite that is feeding on his ocular nerves." PG-13.

revelation | kirk, spock | 4007 words | you can't die, kirk thinks, because I need you. PG-13.