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hey guys. sorry about the lack of writing. i've been trying to get my longfic finished before i start writing my bigbang, which will take me further away, and then of course, NANOWRIMO. in absence of my fis though, i'll give you some recs which i really love and happened to favorite. are there lots of good fics i've read that i won't be able to rec becuase they're lost in the kink meme? yes. do i have a few of them favorited? for some reason, yes. Figured I'd pick a few different pairings because I love a whole bunch.


Two Men & a Motorbike and it's sequel, Two Men & a Starship by inell. (Kirk/McCoy, ~200k words, PG-13 through NC-17)

First of all, these combined equals upwards of 200k words, I'm pretty sure, so if you have a lot of time on your hands, this is the perfect solution. The entirety of 'Two Men & a Motorbike' takes place in between when the Enterprise saves the world and the end of the movie, so it's a lot of action in a short time and there is so much awesome relationship drama. Basically, two guys who both have personality issues? Don't fall into a relationship easy. Spot-on characterization, awesome drama, hot sex, a great, long read to settle into on one's day off.

The Night Loop, by raihu. (Nero/Ayel, ~2000 words, NC-17)

So I have a secret thing for crazy Romulans, and these two especially. This language of this fic is so awesome and powerful and filled with incredible imagery and metaphors that it really makes the action (mostly porn) and the thoughts (mostly Ayel's) about seventeen thousand times more awesome. this fic nails Nero's broken-down state of mind like hitting a bullet with another bullet blindfolded riding a horse. it's fucking AMAZING.

Symphony for the Stars & Planets by singingintime. (Kirk/Spock, ~9000 words, PG-13, Musician!AU)

Some AUs you just want to totally roll your eyes at, yeah? This one is awesome. All the characters stay themselves though they're now playing in an orchestra being conducted by the one and only Chris Pike. This was a really fun read, super amusing and cute. I love fluffy stories. 8D
admittedly, i watched a lot of zach quinto & chris pine interviews, but i have to say this is probably the funniest.

fic: therapy

title: therapy
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: none, but i'm sure if you squint, they're there.
rating: pg-13 for language.
word count: 1291
notes: prompt here. "Professional psychiatric help is overrated. Pike/Kirk." When I originally started envisioning this fic, it sounded completely different in my head, mostly involving the fact that there was hot pike/kirk sex (a pairing that i've grown more attached to as of late) and not as much Jim actually being intelligent and sympathetic. however, when i started writing it, first of all, my kirk!voice was really shoddy and a little too revealing, and second of all, i was stuck for how Jim actually found out about Pike's nightmares, because I can't imagine him, you know, TELLING PEOPLE. so, this is what came out of it. i'm still not happy with it entirely, but at this point in time i'm ready to throw up my hands in frustration or move to work on something else, because i have something like 20 prompts bookmarked that i'd like to do, plus a longfic. so, this is what you get. i'm sorry if it sucks.

HOWEVER (no, no fic yet), i have to thank igrab for being the most incredible person in the world. ever. because she's my beta. she made my kirkvoice not suck. trust me, before she showed up, it sucked. and because i actually never use a beta (which is probably obvious by how much dumb bad grammar shows up) having one was weird. but igrab saved my life. and this fic. and continually puts up with my senseless, often tooting-my-own-horn bullshit. so, she's like the most awesome person ever. write her some nero/mandana, all of you. now.

OKAY, now you can read the fic.

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fic: ny

title: NY
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: pike/kirk (!), kirk/mccoy
rating: R for jim's brain.
word count: 1291
notes: prompt here. Bones in a suit, reading the Times. Why is this Mobster!AU? We may never know.

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fic: joke starts here

title: the joke starts here
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: slight kirk/mccoy
rating: pg13
word count: 1332
notes: OH FUCK I LOST THE PROMPT FOR THIS ONE. HELP ME, it was like "a doctor, a captain and a vulcan walk into a bar."

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fic: planning ahead

title: planning ahead
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: none | spock + kirk gen
rating: pg13
word count: 2434
notes: prompt here: "Track This
I'd love someone forever and ever if they wrote a fic keeping very much in the tone of the nu!verse that included Spock somehow getting his half-breed heritage thrown in his face and Kirk tearing whoever did the insulting a new one (and perhaps throwing them off his ship and/or marooning them on Delta Vega or something. xD). This is obviously a pivotal moment in the development of their relationship into something not so hostile."

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Jul. 11th, 2009

title: second (in command)
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: nero/ayel
rating: hard R (handjobs)
word count: 2710
notes: prompt here. ayel runs the ship while nero has temper tantrums; he lets nero take his fits of violence out on him - nero feels guilty.

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fic: flat eyes

title: flat eyes
fandom: star trek 09/daybreakers
pairing: kirk/bones
rating: pg-13
word count: 3129
notes: prompt here. Daybreakers AU. "One of them is a vampire, one is part of the resistance and they've found the cure. The problem is that the other might not necessarily want to be cured because the humans are losing the battle." Kind of ran awry with me.

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heroes drabble

title: ---
fandom: heroes
pairing: sylar/elle
rating: pg-13
word count: 2607
notes: wrote this on a whim, testing my sylar voice. got this idea while i was in the shower. hurr hurr.

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rolf: the chekov of fire emblem. cute, but fucking awesome when you level him up.

also, expect strange heroesfic soon. i got an idea while i was going to/taking a shower. no, not that kind of idea. perverts.