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fic: shatter

realized i put this on the kink meme 7/09, and never posted it here. there's probably plenty of fics tht fall into this category, but someone commented on it recently, and it's a piece i'm really quite fond of. angst.

name: shatter
rating: pg-13 (angst)
fandom: star trek 09
word count: 1494
pairing: kirk/spock
prompt: here

break apart andCollapse )

in other news, more drifters ii is up at st_au_drifters.

rec: au

I figured since I've been on an AU kick, I'll rec some really good AU's.

Solitary Confinement by chasingthewinds - R - Kirk/Bones.

AU: Kirk & McCoy are patients in an asylum. It sounds cliche, I know. But you want to read it. It's a hard, heavy-hitting piece that will seriously make you stop breathing for a while.

Cityverse by atomicskull - PG - R - Kirk/Bones, Spock/Uhura, Sulu/Chekov.

AU: The Enterprise is a fashion magazine lead by it's editor-in-chief, Jim Kirk, and his ex-crime-photographer-now-lead-photo-editor boyfriend Leonard McCoy. Featuring adorable fashion models Sulu & Chekov. This should be terrible, I know, but it is so fucking funny and good.

Of Sentinels and Anchors by corpus_invictus (over at dreamwidth) - R - Kirk/Spock

AU: Spock is raised by his mother, on Earth. I like this fic because it deals with the premise in an exceptionally dark way, and the flash-backiness of the story combined with the dark text really makes this far more believable than some of the other possibilities.

sequel (2): ny

title: NY (3)
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: none .. at least here.
rating: meh. pg13, language?
word count: 1,379
notes: originally i was going to make my bigbang mafia!au, but writing drifters basically sucked the longfic out of me. this is the beginning of the fic, in the same verse as the other two ny-fics (1 and 2). mostly it's jim being a little obnoxious fuck. this doesn't really have any kind of ending, but i do like the beginning, and figure you guys can see the whole blurb. i might come back to this verse, but as usual, doubtful.

jim dislikes clocks.Collapse )

fic: drifters

Hi guys! It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I have the fruits of my labors to share with you all.

The reason I haven't been writing (as I've said) is because I"m working on a particularly long fic. It's finally done and organized, and I wanted to present it to you guys because you've stuck with me (i hope) through this long dry spell. I can't make many promises with what's to come, as school's already started and I've got my bigbang (due the 15th) and NaNoWriMo coming up, so I'm thinking about taking a short writing break between those two to do some editing on the bigbang and play some world of warcraft and maybe, just maybe, do some schoolwork.

Anyway, if you've got time, I've got 60k words of Kirk/Spock AU.

title: drifters
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: kirk/spock
rating: up to hard r for sex. it's not very explicit, though. sort of.
word count: 60k+
notes: prompt here: "Post apocalypse, mirror world. Featuring pirate/bandit/bounty hunter with dubious morals Kirk and serene/beautiful/cruel bottom!Spock who kills with his brain."

(full fic index here.)
hi! we haven't talked in a while, because i'm working on a long fic that over fifty thousand words, and I want to get it done before september first (so i can work on my bigbang, till the 15th, when it's due).

don't worry, i'll post it here when i'm done. soon.

in the meantime, i'm attempting to and failing to organize my tags. i hate the "pairing: none" encompasses a whole bunch of different characters. tags are a mess and i'm neurotic. help!

untitled s/k fluff

title: ---
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: kirk/spock
rating: r for cuddling? why not.
word count: 1840
notes: prompt here: "Kirk/Spock, touching, kissing, sex when it's raining (in rain). It can be porn, angst, anything, your choice :)" so. quick fluff. originally there was going to be porn, but i was just like 'ehhhh, porn.'

you'll melt.Collapse )
title: shitty birthdays
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: none, just some quick k+b gen.
rating: pg-13 for language.
word count: 768.
notes: prompt here. "I turn nineteen tomorrow, and I thought to myself: we've seen most of these characters in their twenties-thirties (with one notable exception)--what were they like younger than that? I don't want kid!fic, I want the in-between."

theCollapse )

sequel: ny

title: NY (2)
fandom: star trek 09
pairing: none .. at least here.
rating: R for language.
word count: 989
notes: a continuation of ny. mobster!au. entirely callieach's fault.

we will never dieCollapse )